Welcome to the website of Cycle Hereford

We organise cycle rides and events and work for improvements to conditions for cyclists in and around Hereford.

Visit our NEWS page for latest developments.


YOU and CYCLING in HEREFORD — quick online survey

We want to get a better picture of who cycles in the city of Hereford and how to improve conditions in the city for cyclists. This is a very simple, very short and totally anonymous survey — only 10 questions.   Please help us to work for cyclists in Hereford by filling in our very short online survey. 

Click here to respond to the survey.


Why Cycle?

  • Cycling is the most efficient way to get around for trips under 5 miles
  • You can cycle across Hereford in around 25 minutes
  • Cycling for 30 minutes a day will help you to keep healthy
  • Herefordshire’s glorious countryside is only a 15 minute cycle ride from the city centre

Cycling has a huge range of wider benefits. Cycling…

  • is safer than motorised travel for all other road users
  • protects the local environment from noise and pollution
  • requires a fraction of the space needed by motor vehicles both for moving and storage
  • conserves irreplaceable fossil fuel resources
  • emits no carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas



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